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Power Golf Swing Secrets

Instructor Dave McKinnon

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Power Golf Swing Secrets

Instructor Lori Atsedes

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Become a Power Golfer.

Learn Golf Secrets from a PGA Apprentice.

Learn Golf Tips from an LPGA Player.

Watch Dave and Lori in Action.

Dave McKinnon at Remax Championship

At Age 30, Dave Finished in the top 75 at the REMAX World Long Drive Championship.

golf long drive championship

Dave and Lori will help you:

  • improve your golf technique
  • hit the ball further
  • reduce strain and stress on your joints
Lori Atsedes - Pro Golfer

Dave and Lori will teach you through:

Online Videos Critiques
Facetime / Skype
One-on-One Personal Instruction

Mission Statement:

As golf professionals, Dave McKinnon and Lori Atsedes love to share what they've learned and provide convenient video, Skype and private golf lessons to golfers aspiring to improve their swing and overall game.

Dave likes to focus on teaching powerful golf swings and offering students advice about how to get in an athletic ready position to use the big muscles of the body for straight, efficient, powerful shots. He is also available for long drive clinics.

Lori likes to focus on the mental side of golf, the art of playing and scoring, course management and golf fittings.

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Dave McKinnon - Golf Lessons

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Lori Atsedes - Golf Lessons

"Mental Side of Golf" Instructor

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